Check out ONiON and the latest news


Check out ONiON and the latest news

Electric Vehicles Sector is taking another step by MOU agreement for EV solution in Cambodia between ONiON Mobility and TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia)

Cambodia is now ready to promote the use of electric vehicles and clean energy vehicles through the participation of private companies and the support of the Royal Government in promoting electric vehicle usage and charging infrastructure and battery swapping stations. In order to increase the number of electric vehicles in Cambodia and the commitment for the development of Cambodia with carbon neutrality by 2050.

On May 12, 2022, ONiON Mobility and TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) signed a memorandum of understanding to launch the ONiON Mobility battery replacement hub station in two TotalEnergies service stations to jointly increase and enhance the use of electric vehicles and clean energy in Cambodia.

“We are very pleased that TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. is being a collaborative partner with ONiON Mobility to launch the ONiON hub station located in TotalEnergies station to facilitate battery swapping for ONiON T1 electric three-wheeler drivers and to participate in the evolution of clean energy in Cambodia. ONiON Mobility assembly plant, Mega Station, Hub Station will expand accordingly to the entire country. This would create hundreds of job opportunities for Cambodian people through the electric vehicle infrastructure ecology system and we plan to export our electric vehicle products to southeast Asia and to the world,” Ly David, Head of E-Mobility said.

In addition, Ms. Dinah Jogia Kumar, Managing Director and Country Chair of TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) said during the event: “The launch of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two companies and the launch of battery swapping solution at TotalEnergies service stations ONiON Mobility’s electric 3-wheelers is a key step aimed at an important change for the development of carbon neutrality EV in Cambodia.’s green footprint – i.e., future use of the sustainable energy vehicle (EVs) as well as the enhancement of the charging infrastructure for a better Cambodia and the World”. 

ONiON Mobility Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with TADA, a ride-hailing booking application with advanced technology in Cambodia. Recently with overwhelming support from local and international riders who are environmental lovers, the number of app orders increased much more day by day after the launch of ONiON T1 function to TADA ride hailing app. 

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ONiON is a company that is developing an innovative mobility ecosystem that provides electric vehicles with swappable batteries and infrastructure of battery stations powered by a ride-hailing service of TADA and blockchain technology of MVL Chain.For more information, or and and


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TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) has been officially operating in Cambodia since 1993. Throughout the country, TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) has been involved in marketing various petroleum products and services to its customers in both the private and public sectors. TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) offers a range of products and services, more than 120 service stations for road fuels (Gasoline and Diesel) with over 70 Bonjour Shops, Industrial fuels, aviation fuels and lubricants. In addition, the TotalEnergies Card is a convenient way to make and manage fuel purchases.  TotalEnergies Marketing (Cambodia) possesses and continues to invest in high standard storage facilities for road and aviation fuels alike. We also provide other essential services such as used oil analysis, tank installations and bulk deliveries to many of our Commercial customers, Wash and Car Care products. For more info, visit or